Welcome to the Movement against Corruption in Belagavi

Let us together create a corruption free Belagavi

You may be any one from Belagavi district staying anywhere in the world or interested in the welfare of Belagavi District. Why dont you come out and join with us to help achieve the goal in the shortest time. The movement launched on 2 October 2007

Join the Movement, no fees, no forms only thing needed is the awareness that

1. corruption is the worst thing that can destroy democracy itself.

2 that the Corrupt are worse than murderes, serial killers.

3. and that the corrupt are the traitors ,who as some Supreme Court Judges observed deserve to be hanged from lamp-posts.

Pragati Belagavi's Strategy for achieving its goal

1. Identify farmers living in villages and with mobile phones

2. Identify Honest officials working in various Government offices along with their mobile phone numbers

3. Identify citizens willing to proactively participate in the movement

4. Form groups of citizens and government officials in every taluk

5. Create helpline involving volunteers - Assistance given over mobile phones

6. Take up issues of immediate relevance

7. Create a vast resource on google earth to help any one any where.

8. Create a ranking system to expose corruption in various offices .

Work done so far

1. District level Pragati group formed and has already met three times

2. List of honest officials across the District collected

3. Over 1000 farmers living in various villages with mobile collected.

4. Information regarding corruption related issues collected from about 70 offices in the District .

6. Information to ctizens given through media about the activities of the Pragati Belagavi

7. Corruption Ranking of selected Departments released to the Public .

8.Pragati Belagavi releases the first ever Searchable Google Earth Map of Belagavi - will be used to fight corruption by locating the corrupt but will be used more for rapid progress of Belgam.Watch this place

9. Training programs at Belagavi, Athini and Rayabag for volunteers conducted - over 200 people have been trained

10. A bookletfor the trained volunteers of Pragati Belagavi released on the occasion of International anti-Corruption day on 9/12/07 (can be downloaded from here )

11 A workshop for honest officials in 18 Government Departments conducted on 26 Jan 2008 - Training requirements of officials to fight against corruption identified

12 A joint program of citizens and honest officials planned in April 2008 based on the experience so far gained .

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